Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Appetizer lang!

Hi there!

Grrrrrr! lagot au ko oi.... nindot raba kaau akong intro unta ani nga post naerase mn in just one hell of a mistake, one click and all my thoughts vanished. duh!

Well, anyway, I just wanna invite you to check out my new blog page - this one. As in, I'm pretty serious about it. Hopefully I can religiously update this one now. I got sick of just staring at my friendster so I decided to try this one out.
Actually, I just thought I'd like to start blogging, though I really don't know what topic whatsoever. I will just share some daily thoughts, some daily buzz, daily inspiration, daily frustrations, etc.... and hopefully, you can share your daily comments too.
I wanna know more updates about you so at least I can keep up with you..hehehe... so maybe if you can, start blogging here too or if not - at least visit this one once in a while.
Have a nice day.......

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