Saturday, December 22, 2007


I've seen this one featured in yahoo. I just thought I'd share it to those who haven't seen it yet. This cat is so adorable and cute. Just watch how he sits like a real person on the couch and actually watching TV. Lol.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pinoy Pride!!!

Charice Pempengco was the guest of the Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday, Dec. 19. She was so amazing as always. She sang two songs that wowed all the audience of the show - "I'm Telling You" and "I will Always Love you".
Charice became a YOUTUBE sensation when people took notice of her videos where she was singing vocally challenging songs and one of those videos, her powerhouse performance in a talent show in Korea made her recognized by the American press and eventually invited by the famous talkshow host, Ellen Degeneres to be her guest.
I'm so proud of this girl. She actually made me cry when she tearfully thanked everybody by giving her a standing ovation in the show. She is so brilliantly amazing. I hope she goes far and become successful without being influenced by the bad image of some young music artists in the US these days. God bless You Charice!!!

Check out the vids:

credits to FalseVoice for the vids.

Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm back!

I still got a hang over from last week's holiday. We went to the state of New York. It was fun meeting with some relatives of my husband. It was just my second Thanksgiving and I felt like it was part of my life for a long time already. It snowed a little bit this week and I'm kindda feeling like the cold weather has an effect on me. It makes me feel so lonely and homesick. Well, I guess maybe also because it's Christmas season already and I won't be with my parents and siblings again. All my life I've been celebrating this season with them but now things has changed. I really miss them a lot.

I miss the Philippines so much although it's a shame that the political unrest is always present. Lately, there was, again, a coup attemp by Trillanes and his colleagues and he chose to do it, yet again, in another luxury hotel, this time The Manila Peninsula Hotel. He was rearrested with so much military assault, and three APC tanks forced to fit into the hotel lobby and a lot of tear gas thrown inside the hotel. It was horrible to watch. Oh, well, whatever happens, I'd still be very glad to go back there soon. I miss my friends as well.

'Till here.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Spice Girl's Latest Performance Pictures

The Spice Girl's First ever stage performance together for 9 years happened yesterday during the Victoria's Secret Fasion Show held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. The show will be televised here in the US on Dec 4th. I haven't seen any video that has their complete performance so I guess I'll just wait then to see it.

Today, they performed for the BBC Children in Need from the Dancing with the Stars studio in Hollywood televised live in the UK. They sang their latest single "Headlines" and one of my favorite song from them - "Stop"(this song brings back a lot of memories).
For me, they all looked wonderful! I just can't get enough of these girls yet. I'll be posting more about them here.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


This is the much anticipated "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)" Music video by the Spice Girls which is the official Single for BBC Children in Need, a Foundation based in UK. The Song will be available for download in UK on Monday and will be commercially available on November 19, every download will help the foundation. It is one of two songs they recorded recently for their Greatest Hits album.

The song is pretty good, hmmm... sounds a bit like "Goodbye" but a little more mature approach, I guess. I actually like the video and the song but I think the theme doesn't match each other. Well, hehehe.... what can I say? I still feel so excited seeing them together again and I can't ask for more except from Victoria who seemed "too overly POSHED"? (if that's an acceptable I have no idea what her style is. :) By the way, Mel C has been my fave ever since. I wanna watch the concert!!!! walang wawarts eh.

Well, there you go. Spice Girl's new video together after almost a decade of waiting.

Spice Up Your Life with the "RETURN OF THE SPICE GIRLS"

OMG! I just saw the music video of their new song: "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)" song. I just can't help but get excited. I've been a Spice Girls fan and been wishing for their reunion and now it's happening. Ginger, Posh, Scary, Baby and Sporty Spice are making me nostalgic... (sigh) too bad I can't really afford to watch any of their concerts here in the US for now. I heard most of those December concert tickets are almost, if not sold out already. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for their Chicago concert which will be on February 15 and 16 of next year. I know I'm not the only one so tell me what you want, what you really really want but you can't stop me from still admiring my "teenage icons".

Here's the confirmed concert dates and venues for the
Just for 2007
Dec. 2 - Vancouver, Canada - General Motors Place
4 - San Jose, California - HP Pavilion
5 & 7 - Los Angeles, California - The Staples Centre
8,9 & 11 - Las Vegas, Nevada - Mandalay Bay
20 - Cologne, Germany
23 - Madrid, Spain

For 2008 sched and the latest about them click this: SPICE GIRLS and say you'll be there in one of their concerts.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Ysay and Albert Music Video

"No Copyright Infringement intended"

Just some random clips of the teleserye "Ysabella"(starring Judy Ann Santos & Ryan Agoncillo with Derek Ramsey) I made as a music video with Ysay and Albert's theme song "Para Lang Sayo" by Aiza Seguerra.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I like this scene - ysay and albert

Since I don't have much to do as a housewife, I kindda got hooked with the teleseryes from ABS. I didn't really avidly watch these kinds before but now, I kindda enjoy them coz they also help mend my homesick heart. I like this scene, although I cut this short to make it fit, it's touching to watch Albert realizing that he is doing the wrong thing on plotting a revenge against Ysay whom they thought was the reason his twin brother Andrew killed himself. Albert is also starting to fall for her as she became much closer to him without knowing that he is not Andrew but Albert.

My Turkey Meat Balls

Turkey Meat Balls with Rice

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Flowers and chocolates....

......and small pies -- and more chocolatesssss.... I'm a chocoholic!

Monday, August 27, 2007

My Beverly Lewis Novels

I haven't really read all of them yet and it's not all of them anyway. This pictures show only about half of my collection of her books. I have some left in the Philippines, those I've finished reading there already.
It was just so fascinating to read stories about this group of people that still exist in their own world, according to their own culture, not letting constantly changing material world jeopardize their beliefs and values.
I find Lewis' novels really captivating for their very vividly written scenes and it is easy to read. It's inspirational and educational as well. One thing that really kept me hooked is the fact that the stories are generally about love and friendship, just like a typical love story pocketbook, but not really, for me it's got more substance and moral values in each chapter than the typical ones.
I am really into love stories, may it be movies, plays, novels or whatever, but these ones made me interested not only in the characters and the stories but also in their culture and the people that the stories are telling about. Anyway, to those who don't know, the characters and the novels as a whole are just fictional, they're not a history or geography-type thing, but they are based on the Amish culture.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Monkey Massage

aaaaahhhh, nahurot na jud akong kuto sa wakas.... hehehehe

Monday, August 13, 2007

Just Wondering

Why does music bring back memories?

I have been wondering why is it that when I hear certain songs from the past, my mind automatically goes to a nostalgic state - vivid details of the past conquer my imagination as if they just happened yesterday when the truth is, they were things of the distant past forgotten and set-aside. In a day when I have to remember things and events from the past, they just don't come back that easy. However I try, it just won't happen, but when a music is played that was quite a hit during those times, zooom! there it is!, even if you don't want to welcome it.

A funny example is everytime I hear "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes, I go back to 1993, I was in 2nd grade, this celebrity schoolmate was singing it on stage during Nutrition Week program then minutes later we have to go back to go back to our room when suddenly I had this very disturbing feeling in my stomach, I had to run to the restroom immediately and I was gone so fast that nobody ever noticed me that I was gone. hehehe... That's all.

I just wondered if it's just me or there is somebody else who's having this experience.

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My fascination of the Amish People

I took pictures of this cute Amish girl when I bought a pack of her peanut butter cookies. We happened to pass by her small store along a long narrow secondary road and saw her waving happily at us so we stopped and checked out what she was selling. I asked if it's ok to take pictures of her, she said "we don't mind" so I did. I am just so fascinated with these people and it started when I begun reading Beverly Lewis' "Annie's People" series.
some basic information about these people from Wikipedia:

The Amish (Amisch or Amische) (IPA: ˈɑːmɪʃ) are an Anabaptist Christian denomination in the United States and Canada (Ontario and Manitoba) known for their plain dress and avoidance of modern conveniences such as cars and electricity. The Amish separate themselves from mainstream society for religious reasons: They do not join the military, apply for Social Security benefits, take out insurance or accept any form of financial assistance from the government. (funny, but the first two amish I've ever seen in person were in the Social Security Office here in Iowa when I went to get my own SS number)

Most speak a German dialect known as Pennsylvania Dutch (Pennsylvania German or Pennsylvanie Deutsch) at home and in church services, and learn English in school. The Amish are divided into separate fellowships consisting of geographical districts or congregations. Each district is fully independent and has its own Ordnung, or set of unwritten rules.
The Old Order Amish are distinguished from the
Beachy Amish and the New Order Amish by their strict adherence to the use of horses for farming and transportation, their traditional manner of dress, and their refusal to allow electricity or telephones in their homes. The Old Order Amish is the concept many outsiders have when they think of "Amish".

Back from the So-called "vacation"

The nicest and most high-tech rest area I've ever seen, though I've never gone too far yet. It's along I-80, I think, somewhere in Iowa.
I'm not so sure what this bridge is called but this one is crossing Mississippi River from Iowa to Illinois. I still need to research but I feel so lazy to do so. I just thought it looks really nice. I took the picture from the Iowa side in the afternoon of coming back home.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Appetizer lang!

Hi there!

Grrrrrr! lagot au ko oi.... nindot raba kaau akong intro unta ani nga post naerase mn in just one hell of a mistake, one click and all my thoughts vanished. duh!

Well, anyway, I just wanna invite you to check out my new blog page - this one. As in, I'm pretty serious about it. Hopefully I can religiously update this one now. I got sick of just staring at my friendster so I decided to try this one out.
Actually, I just thought I'd like to start blogging, though I really don't know what topic whatsoever. I will just share some daily thoughts, some daily buzz, daily inspiration, daily frustrations, etc.... and hopefully, you can share your daily comments too.
I wanna know more updates about you so at least I can keep up with you..hehehe... so maybe if you can, start blogging here too or if not - at least visit this one once in a while.
Have a nice day.......

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