Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm back!

I still got a hang over from last week's holiday. We went to the state of New York. It was fun meeting with some relatives of my husband. It was just my second Thanksgiving and I felt like it was part of my life for a long time already. It snowed a little bit this week and I'm kindda feeling like the cold weather has an effect on me. It makes me feel so lonely and homesick. Well, I guess maybe also because it's Christmas season already and I won't be with my parents and siblings again. All my life I've been celebrating this season with them but now things has changed. I really miss them a lot.

I miss the Philippines so much although it's a shame that the political unrest is always present. Lately, there was, again, a coup attemp by Trillanes and his colleagues and he chose to do it, yet again, in another luxury hotel, this time The Manila Peninsula Hotel. He was rearrested with so much military assault, and three APC tanks forced to fit into the hotel lobby and a lot of tear gas thrown inside the hotel. It was horrible to watch. Oh, well, whatever happens, I'd still be very glad to go back there soon. I miss my friends as well.

'Till here.

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