Monday, August 27, 2007

My Beverly Lewis Novels

I haven't really read all of them yet and it's not all of them anyway. This pictures show only about half of my collection of her books. I have some left in the Philippines, those I've finished reading there already.
It was just so fascinating to read stories about this group of people that still exist in their own world, according to their own culture, not letting constantly changing material world jeopardize their beliefs and values.
I find Lewis' novels really captivating for their very vividly written scenes and it is easy to read. It's inspirational and educational as well. One thing that really kept me hooked is the fact that the stories are generally about love and friendship, just like a typical love story pocketbook, but not really, for me it's got more substance and moral values in each chapter than the typical ones.
I am really into love stories, may it be movies, plays, novels or whatever, but these ones made me interested not only in the characters and the stories but also in their culture and the people that the stories are telling about. Anyway, to those who don't know, the characters and the novels as a whole are just fictional, they're not a history or geography-type thing, but they are based on the Amish culture.


Anna Dee Olson, Author said...

I certainly understand what you are saying about Beverly Lewis. When I was a teenager I would check her books out from the library and read them. It was interesting to read her view of the Amish, even though it was fictional.

I was born and raised Amish so I know some of the things in her books certainly were not as easy going as she makes it out to be, but I also realize her books are fictional.

If you was to read a book about Amish in real life go to:

letjim14344 said...

Hi, thanks for your comment... I just knew about the Amish people a few years ago when I received a book of Beverly Lewis and I got hooked and my husband would buy every Beverly Lewis book that I still don't have. My knowledge about them is still very limited since I just heard and read stories about them. I still wanna know more. Thanks for the website. I'll visit be visiting it.

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