Monday, August 13, 2007

Just Wondering

Why does music bring back memories?

I have been wondering why is it that when I hear certain songs from the past, my mind automatically goes to a nostalgic state - vivid details of the past conquer my imagination as if they just happened yesterday when the truth is, they were things of the distant past forgotten and set-aside. In a day when I have to remember things and events from the past, they just don't come back that easy. However I try, it just won't happen, but when a music is played that was quite a hit during those times, zooom! there it is!, even if you don't want to welcome it.

A funny example is everytime I hear "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes, I go back to 1993, I was in 2nd grade, this celebrity schoolmate was singing it on stage during Nutrition Week program then minutes later we have to go back to go back to our room when suddenly I had this very disturbing feeling in my stomach, I had to run to the restroom immediately and I was gone so fast that nobody ever noticed me that I was gone. hehehe... That's all.

I just wondered if it's just me or there is somebody else who's having this experience.

Have a nice day!

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