Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sorta', Kinda' Day

Well today, our clocks sorta kinda sprung ahead again.. Daylight Saving Time... it's just my second year for this, and it's still kinda new to me and it's just my husband who's adjusting the clocks and everything else. Since I got here in Iowa last 2006 I didn't really care too much about time because I was just at home sitting around and just look at the calendar to be sure I take out the recycling bin on the right day or if I have a doctor's appointment which was so many last year. In the Philippines, I used to just kinda rely on the position of the sun sometimes if I was just at home but here, it's still sorta weird for me. Maybe I stayed home too much that since now I got a job already, I kindda panic a little bit because now, I have to be aware of the exact time and everything that's related to time and schedule. I really need to learn how to manage my time now so I can still have time to wash the clothes and blog, of course.
Since I started my job last week I kindda lost track of the happenings in my favorite TV shows as well, so I now spent almost my whole Saturday keeping up with those.

First in the list was "Project Runway" - I really like this show since season one though I had never religiously watched it except this last season's. I used to dream of auditioning with this show and become a fashion designer but I'm kindda impatient when it comes to sewing, I just love designing or drawing clothes.
Well, sorta not so surprising finale for everybody since the winner- Christian Siriano is probably the majority's favorite (but I'm not one of them). This fierce little gay guy is only 21 years old but proved that creativity and confidence doesn't know any age. Although, I was hoping for Jillian Lewis to get the most nods during the fashion week, she didn't have enough of that winning attitude prevalent on the designs Christian has nor does Rami Kashou who was reportedly the celebrity favorite.
So, good thing somebody recorded this show for me to watch even though I didn't get to see it on the day it aired.
Another thing was, Victoria Beckham was the guest judge for that finale and I'm glad she smiled. hehe That's a rare occurrence you know.

I watched American Idol and a lot of other shows as well. They're not so interesting yet because most of them just started their seasons this month so they're fine.

I also tried to keep up with the Filipino shows I love to watch especially the unique soap opera "Lobo". I got so hooked, I would rather forget to eat than miss it.

The thing that frustrates me is watching the local news in the Philippines, the political instability is just getting worst and it's a shame that all the controversies are hampering the economic growth of the country and tainting the beauty of it. I hope it's gets better there. I'm looking forward to visiting with my relatives, hopefully soon. I'm kinda thinking maybe I can find some pictures of Boracay beach I can paint someday. That beach is really a pride of the country, breathtaking.

To all women, Happy International Women's Day(though I'm a little late). You can visit this website to learn more about International Women's Day.

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