Saturday, January 26, 2008

Color and Mood

Well, maybe you already know that somehow color really affects what you're feeling on a particular moment but I just want to share more in-depth facts that I learned recently from reading a newspaper's article about wall decorating but it would be practical to apply this knowledge on some other things as well, not just the wall of your house. The color may help you sell your product or service, it may help you attract people when you're wearing a particular color of clothing.
You should always remember that in selecting colors, that each has specific psychological value. A color can make a person feel relaxed or the opposite.
As we all now a color's meaning may differ from culture to culture but these basic examples have general effects on the mood regardless of your belief:
  • Red - studies show that this color raises blood pressure and heart rate. The same as pink, it tends to trigger a very sharp emotions like anger and rage. They said this color when applied to your wall stirs up excitement and energy and encourage conversation but if a person's already edgy, he better avoid seeing this room before he calms down.
  • Blue - warm blues have calming effects, e.g., periwinkle and turquoise when used in a room but very dark blues may cause sadness to a person.
  • Green - this color is the most restful color for the eye and has a calming effect when used in a room.
  • Yellow - a very happy color that uplifts the spirit and makes small spaces look wider and brighter but too much of this color causes irritability.
  • Orange - same as red, this color elicits excitement and energy and some believe that it stimulates appetite so if you're dieting better avoid looking at orange walls or decorations or anything for that matter.
  • Purple - just like blue, this color can be restful but unlike blue, it has less effect on making you feel down and sad.
Ok, that's it. I just thought I would share to you people what I've been reading lately. A newspaper article that isn't really a news. But of course, it 's nice to know these facts. I might be able to use it for something productive in my life and yours as well if. Alright, have a nice day.

Anyway, I'm gonna try putting more entries here that will mostly be informative, I hope since I wanted to draw more people to read my posts. Thanks for the time. I hope you learned something. Gotta face the cold day here again. I hope this frigid coldness ends soon. See yah!

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