Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Chocolate Escape

Hey guys! It's been so cold here in Iowa these past few weeks, as in the coldest I've ever felt in my entire life. Yesterday we had a wind chill factor of -20F and it's probably the same or possible lower. It gives me headache every time I go out. So I probably won't even dare to step outside until it gets a little warmer. I'm never used to this kind of weather and I think I would never be. Even inside the house is terribly cold, we might probably need a new furnace but well at least it's still working. So my past time this past week? (until now actually): I eat, drink and breathe chocolate. Well, not literally breathe but just smell them a little bit before I actually start licking them. lol. Hot chocolate is the best during this kind of a weather. We have Swiss Miss, Ovaltine(with malt), the Wal-mart brand of Chocolate Milk Mix, etc.... I recommend to those who are the same situation to of course bundle up and drink really really hot beverage and of course my husband's favorite - Hotstuff! Add them to your food or eat them raw if you can, they surely help warm up the senses and your internal organs.

Oh man! How I wish I am in the Philippines right now. I'm so done with this biting cold but well, what can I do except try to live with it? Anyway, what's up with this long rant of mine? hehe I better head back to bed, turn up the heated sheet's warmth and bundle up with 3 layers of goose-down blankets. 'Till next time. Thanks for dropping by.

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