Saturday, February 9, 2008

Earn Some Rewards and Cash Online!

I know there's a lot of blogs about these stuff already but I just thought maybe it would be nice to share some of those legitimate ones I'm sure would also be helpful for those who just started looking into these, just like me. These are my top 3 favorites so far. Please click the links or icons to visit the site.

1. Answer Questions and Earn CASH:
I'm really having fun answering questions on this one. They even gave me extra points for answering expired questions and correcting grammar and spelling errors. I got hooked! I think it's only for US residents.

2. Read Mails, Take Surveys, Shop online:

Out of all the survey sites I've checked, this one is really easy and reliable. Their clients are big companies like,, and a lot of legitimate merchant websites. So I highly recommend this.

3. Play Games and Get Rewards:
Well, this one is by Microsoft. I already got 2 1-year subscriptions of very good magazines from them. I'm now playing to get Zune mp3 player. It's really fun and informative. So try it.

To those of you who know more sites I may be interested to try, please post a comment here or PM me. I hope these are also helpful. Thanks for the time.


ettarose said...

I have lots of sites for you.
These are just a few sites that I personally have joined. They are free. Do NOT EVER pay anyone for a survey site. Good luck

letjim14344 said...

thanks for the sites. I will surely be checking them out.

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