Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Portrait of my Mom and Sis

Originally uploaded by letjim
I paint this portrait using oil pastel sticks. It's my first try on using oil pastel in painting faces. I don't do justice to the beauty of my beloved mother and little sister but I did my best. I am looking to trying any techniques in painting using this media because it is somewhat difficult to maneuver without using spirits. I am also looking for a better camera to capture my artworks.

I have been looking for topics on this blogs since it's just for random thoughts but now I realized, I am a self-proclaimed artist, why not blog on this topic: ARTS. Well, it's still gonna be random but more on random postings of my artworks and artistic thoughts now.

I'm so glad I'm finally inspired to share with you what I really love to do. I hope you guys like this Portrait of two of my inspirations so I can keep going with posting more about arts.

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