Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Wealth called Friends and Family

What does "Wealth" mean to you? What is it's essence in your life? How about "Friends"? "Family"?

Everybody has friends, even the pauper on the street, the man convicted of murder, even animals have friends. But friendship in humans are very important in the core of our existence and well-being. Real friends are our motivators, our shoulders to cry on, our cushion whenever we fall and the list goes on and on.

In this digital age and fast-paced, profit-motivated life, we have been unknowingly ignoring the importance of the real people in our lives, those that we were suppose to share parts of our lives with, those that we call our inspirations, our bestfriends and love of our lives. Instead we're stuck in front of a machine trying to figure out how to get rich so we can buy anything we want to, may it be for real or in the virtual world of internet games, or for most people, working 24/7 to pay for that entertainment showcase in the basement. No wonder anti-depressants are selling like hotcakes and the world is having numerous issues with healthcare. We lost touch of the real thing that makes us healthy and wealthy - the companionship and friendship of the ones we really value, the ones we are actually neglecting. We're so focused on giving them the material things that we tend to loose sight of the more important aspect in life - people's emotional needs - they need to be met first and everything else will be more rewarding.

A Hug or any simple gesture of gratitude and love can be shown everyday to slowly correct this imbalance in our lives. Do this to your mom, your dad, your spouse, your bestfriends, and anybody who had impacted you life but had never been reciprocated for it yet, and, everytime, make sure to look at their faces and you'll surely see the true meaning of wealth.

As for my friends, my family, my beloved husband, and those people that are literally strangers but have been giving me inspiration and motivation in life, "THANK YOU". My heart is always with you and I will see all your smiling faces soon.

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